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The Lutheran Digest, published quarterly, accepts a limited number of original manuscripts. Approximately 70 percent of the magazine’s content
is reprinted from other publications. The Digest’s goal is twofold: To entertain and encourage believers and to subtly persuade non-believers to embrace the Lutheran-Christian faith. Distribution is free to participating Lutheran churches through the proceeds of business advertising.

ARTICLES WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE: Articles should be no more than 7,000 characters in length. Articles of less than 3,000 characters are encouraged. Stories frequently reflect a Lutheran-Christian perspective,
but are not intended to be “lecturing” sermonettes. Popular stories show how God has intervened in a person’s life to help solve a problem. Also needed are seasonal and special interest stories and stories reflecting 
God’s presence in nature. Seasonal stories should be submitted at least 6 months in advance of possible publication date. Please review the following schedule when submitting holiday pieces:

Issue                 Topic                   Submit By
Fall                   Thanksgiving        April 15
Fall                   Christmas             April 15
Winter               Easter                  July 15


-Stories with premises such as: “I was walking my dog (watering the lawn, washing the dishes, etc.) when I suddenly thought about how God takes care of my daily needs (gives us nourishment, washes away our sins, etc.)”

-Personal tributes to deceased relative or friend are seldom used unless
  the subject of the article is well known.

-Stories about the moment when an individual personally accepted Christ.

STYLE BIBLICAL QUOTATIONS: Scripture references, which should be included for any Biblical quotations, should be inside the final quotation mark. [Example: “God so loved…life (John 3:16).”] Also, the first letter
of all pronoun references to God and/or Jesus should be capitalized

MANUSCRIPT MECHANICS: Front page--In the upper-left corner include your name, address and phone number. In the upper-right corner, note the character count (not word count). Title should be centered and printed in upper- and lower-case lettering, 1/3 down the page, followed
by your byline. Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, with paragraph indentations and spacing between paragraphs. A short, one-line biographic sketch should follow the article. Please do not submit more
than three or four articles every three months.

MANUSCRIPT RECEIPT PREFERENCES: The Lutheran Digest prefers to receive manuscripts in hardcopy format via conventional mail. Response to, and return of, manuscripts that are not accepted will occur only if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged manuscripts. Our preference is to not receive simultaneous submissions, but they will be considered. Please
notify us of the manuscript’s simultaneous submission status.

Manuscripts submitted by fax or email should comply with the Manuscript Mechanics section above. We regret that the number of unsolicited submissions we receive makes it impossible to respond to everyone. Therefore no responses to manuscripts submitted by fax or email will be made unless a manuscript is accepted for publication. Emailed manuscripts should come as separate attachments and not be included in the body of
the email text. Acceptable email attachment formats are Microsoft Word documents or .pdf (portable document format) files suitable for viewing 
with Acrobat Reader.

PAYMENT: The Lutheran Digest generally pays $35.00 per article on 
acceptance, plus a complimentary copy upon publication.

REPRINTS: Authors are encouraged to submit previously published articles for which they have retained reprint rights. Content should be
similar to that described in Article above. Payment is generally $35.00 on acceptance plus a complimentary copy upon publication. [Note: As a professional courtesy, the last publication to feature the article will be acknowledged via a credit line. Be sure to include the name/publication
date of that publication.]

POETRY: The Lutheran Digest accepts a limited number of short poems each issue. We’re most likely to accept poems of one or two stanzas that will fit into a single column of the magazine. Only two full-page poems are used each issue. Subject matter is open. There is no payment for poetry, however, a complimentary copy is sent when the poem is used. Each
poem should be typewritten on a separate sheet of 8 ½” x 11” paper. We are interested also in seeing poems that can be sung to the melodies of familiar hymns. We do not publish poems that are depressing or express the poet's despair with life or with God. Please do not submit more than three poems in a month.

FILLERS: Items such as “Recipes Lutherans Digest” and jokes may be submitted. A Complimentary copy of the magazine will be sent on publication.

RIGHTS PURCHASED: The Lutheran Digest buys one-time rights for original material or one-time reprint rights for previously published items. We also ask that authors allow us to grant limited reprint permission to individual churches for use in their congregations. (Commercial inquires
are referred to the author.) Articles accepted for print may also be considered for our website (www.lutherandigest.com). If we include your article on our website an additional payment will be made.

Manuscripts may be mailed to: The Lutheran Digest
                                                     P.O. Box 4250
                                                     Hopkins, Minnesota 55343-0495

Manuscripts may be faxed to:    1-952-933-5708
Manuscripts may be emailed to: tldi@lutherandigest.com


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